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Test Your Website & SEO

Are you curious as to how your website is performing? Is it time to review your content marketing strategy? There are great online tools for testing your site performance for today’s internet, and they’re free!

If you just need a quick overview of how your site is performing with fairly comprehensive results, check out our favorite online tools.

Mobile-Friendly Test

The design of your website needs to be mobile friendly since more people are viewing sites on their mobile devices. That means your pages need to perform well on all devices. How do you know if your site is mobile-friendly or not?

Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test: Check out how easily a visitor can use your site on a mobile device. Enter your website to see how your page scores.

Mobile Website Speed Testing: This is another great Google tool which is more visually appealing. You will get a quick overview of your website’s mobile optimization.

SEO Audit and Reporting Tool

With the constant changes in search engine algorithms, your website need constant updating. How will you know what to update? A quick SEO audit can help, and it’s free.

Don’t be scared by the term “audit” – while it stirs up unhappy feelings (tax audit), a website audit can help.

What is the speed of your website?

How responsive and mobile friendly is your site?

Is your content formatted with keywords, header and alt tags, etc.?

Does your site have errors or broken links?

How good is your inbound and outbound link strategy?

SEOptimer SEO Audit and Reporting Tool: Just enter your website address and get a free website analysis. You’ll receive an A-F grade and recommendations that are easy to understand.

Help! What Does All This Mean?

You received your test results and you want to address errors or warnings shown in your site tests.

If you need help, Email Marcie Wolf at Abuzz Creative. Marcie has 20+ years in web development and provides affordable services to get your website back up to speed.

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