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Abuzz Social
Abuzz Social14 hours ago
FACEBOOK NEWS FEED: Recent algorithm changes give higher priority to more personal content.

One update will show more content from friends you might want to hear from most. The other update prioritizes the links you might consider most worthwhile (this will help minimize clickbait and links to crappy ad-filled sites).

"The goal of the News Feed is to show you the stories that matter most to you." ~ Facebook


Facebook rewards organic reach to posts that start discussions and get people's attention. Try doing more of the following:

🎬 Use Facebook Live Video

👥 Encourage employees and friends to share your content

👍 Try sharing different types of content (without an external link, great text with just a photo or graphic, place an external link in the comment area) and analyze what works!

⌚️ Schedule your Facebook posts for days and times when they’re most likely to get more engagement.

Facebook is always changing their algorithm so we always have to change up our business page content strategies.
Abuzz Social
Abuzz Social4 days ago
Web and Social Designer

I am more than just a web designer. I understand the larger digital marketing picture and how it plays a major role in the online success of your business.

In the past decade, social media changed the Internet into a more interactive marketplace than ever before. That meant I had to adapt my web design techniques to include social media marketing.

I understand how web design and social media now go hand in hand. When I'm creating an attractive website for a client, I need to make sure their business has an appealing social presence, too.

When it comes to SEO, I also know that social media activity is a ranking factor for a website on Google.

My passion is designing websites. I also know how important social media is to the overall success of your marketing strategy and I enjoy sharing that expertise with you as well.
Abuzz Social
Abuzz Social4 days ago
Snap Happy Summer

Happy First Day of Summer! What's not to love about summer in northern Michigan?

The sun is shining bright, we can finally wear our shorts and flip-flops, the flowers and trees are in full bloom, and our social calendars are full with events and parties. Some of us are happy campers, too - quite literally!

Get Lots of Photos!

The grass is green, the sky is blue, the bay is full of boats, and people are looking for fun. Summer is the time to capture your business interacting with smiling, happy customers.

Encourage your customers to take their own photos and post them with your branded hashtag. Let them know you just might feature their photos on your social media channels.

Take Staff Photos Outdoors!

Highlight the area where you work and live by getting lots of photos outdoors. Taking photos of you and your staff doing what you love is a great way to show a more personal side of your business.

It's time to get grilling and time to get snap happy. Show off your business this summer with great photos.

#portraitphotography #photography #businessphotography
Abuzz Social
Abuzz Social7 days ago
Add More Context to Your Posts

One of my biggest frustrations on social media is clicking on a link shared by a friend and then being disappointed by the article or content itself.

Because of that, I’m pretty reluctant to click on links.

However, if I have a better understanding of what the article or content is about before I click the link, that is really helpful.

Take the time to explain why you're sharing the link and why you encourage them to click. Don't just copy the headline of the article again.

Adding more context will get people's attention and improve engagement on your page.
Abuzz Social
Abuzz Social7 days ago
If you want to find success on Instagram, you need to learn how to grow your followers organically. The main goal is attracting real, genuine interest to your page.
Abuzz Social
Abuzz Social1 week ago
Find New People on Instagram With Hashtags

When you place the pound sign in front of a keyword, you turn that word into a clickable link. People can click that link to view a page with all the posts that used that hashtag.

Thanks to hashtags, your posts aren’t limited to just your followers. Hashtags can help your target audience find you.

On Instagram, people can follow hashtags and see all the posts that use them right in their feed. By adding these bad boys, your content will get in front of users interested in that topic.

For example, if someone follows the hashtag #petoskey, they will see recent posts with that hashtag in their feed. If you used #petoskey, your post will be seen by all kinds of new people.

Be thoughtful when choosing hashtags for each post. You will connect with the right people when your hashtags are very specific and targeted.

Do not use hashtags that shamelessly solicit likes and followers (#followme, #like4like, #follow4follow, #tagsforlikes). You will only attract bots and spammers who have no intention of engaging with you in a way that matters.

The right hashtags used in the right way can help you find new people on Instagram so you can create positive engagement.