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Lunch Learn Classes Petoskey Michigan

Lunch & Learn Classes

We will be offering classes in Petoskey during the lunch hour that focus on popular topics like Email Marketing, Instagram for Business, Facebook Page Manager, Facebook Advertising, and more. Enjoy a fun learning experience for adults!

Learning Classes Marketing Petoskey Michigan

Hands-On Learning Sessions

The best way to learn is by doing so all sessions are hands on. Learn marketing techniques on your own device or laptop for better retention. You will be more familiar with your own device or computer settings. Questions are welcome as we go along.

Learning Sessions Marketing Petoskey

Prefer One-On-One?

If you have very specific needs or are struggling with certain marketing tasks, Marcie Wolf offers personalized marketing training and coaching. One-on-one tutoring is very effective and we will focus on only the tasks you need to learn!

Upcoming Classes & Mobile Mixers

We are working on our upcoming schedule of classes and events – please check back soon!